ThinkOrSwim Configuration Settings

Enable Pre-Market Chart

Trading activity is still on going after market close. This is not available for public. To see the stock market activity after the market hour, go to,

  1. Charts->Flexible Grid
  2. On the chart, click Style->Settings
  3. Go to the tab “Equities”, Go to the section “Axis”
  4. Check the box “Show Extended-Hours Trading session”

Merge Chart or Chart Overlay

Combining two chart into a chart. Suitable for comparing the $UVOL and $DVOL

  1. Go to the chart menu, Studies->Edit Studies.
  2. Under the tab studies, search for “Comparison”, then click Add selected.
  3. Edit the “Comparison” study.
  4. Select the secondary security. (select the second chart to display overlay on the current chart).